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What's New

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Announcements

January Birthdays

Laura Mae LeBlanc Romero, Lucy's daughter, January 14
Nicholas J. LeBlanc, Lucy's great grandson, January 30

February Birthdays

Kyle LeBlanc, Lucy's great grandson, February 11
Victoria K. LeBlanc, Lucy's great grandaughter, February 17
Earl Thomas LeBlanc, Lucy's grandson, February 20

March Birthdays

Ashley LeBlanc, Lucy's great granddaughter, March 2
Steven LeBlanc, Lucy's grandson, March 9

April Birthdays

Mark LeBlanc, Lucy's grandson, April 8

May Birthdays and Anniversaries

Stacy F. LeBlanc, Lucy's great granddaughter-in-law, May 3
Steven (Lucy's grandon) & Manique LeBlanc's Wedding Anniversary, May 30

June Birthdays

Marla Rose LeBlanc, Lucy's granddaughter, June 2
Alexander S. LeBlanc, Lucy's great grandson, June 5

July Birthdays

Anne Catherine LeBlanc, Lucy's great granddaughter, July 29
Betty Lou LeBlanc Baudoin, Lucy's granddaughter, July 31

September Birthdays

Peggy Ann Romero LeBlanc, Lucy's granddaughter, September 9
Aldon "Sug" LeBlanc, Lucy's son, September 26
Diana Lynn Romero Ortemond, Lucy's granddaughter, September 29

October Birthdays

Patricia LeBlanc, Lucy's granddaughter, October 23

November Birthdays

Lillian LeBlanc Comeaux, Lucy's daughter, November 1
Brent LeBlanc, Lucy's grandson, November 16
Myrtis Abshire LeBlanc, Lucy's daughter-in-law, November 28
Carey LeBlanc, Lucy's great grandson, November 29

December Birthdays

Susan Faye LeBlanc, Lucy's granddaughter, December 12

If you have birthdays, anniversaries, wedding announcments, or anything else, please contact the webmaster.

Reunion Plans

Plans for the annual family reunion are underway. We are considering having a family reunion in November of this year.

If anyone is interested in helping, let us know. We need cooks and entertainment.

Please stay tuned and get involved.