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Our Family's Photo Album

Here's a collection of our family photos.

Some pictures of Henry and Eugenie's ancestors for you to peruse.
You may have to use your bottom scroll bar to scroll left or right to
see all pictures.

Louis Francois Henry Berger and
Eugenie "Gam" Marie Mart Bares'
Marriage Certificate
Royville (Youngsville, LA)
December 21, 1885

Jean Bertram Bares
(born May 18, 1811)
Father of Eugenie Berger

Louise Thomasine (Polinard) Polynard
Eugenie Berger's Mother

Charles Honore Berger (born 3/3/1827) and
Felicite Bourmier (born 7/12/1829)
Henry Berger's Parents

Eugenie Berger's Grandmother
Jaouquette Ouchim

Bares Siblings who at the time of this picture were all over 80.
From Left to Right: Louis Bares, Rose Bares Moore, Jacque Bares,
Eugenie "Gam" Berger, and Germaine Bares

Blanche Bares
A Cousin

? Chatagnier
A Cousin
Please help us grow our genealogy tree. If you have a green thumb, send us an e-mail and tell us about your branch of the family.
Louis Bares
Jean and Louise Bares' Homestead
Maurice Berger, the only
Berger son who survived
through childhood.
He died at age 21.

Mr. and Mrs. Alcide LeBlanc

Ms. Dudley LeBlanc

Mrs. Gaston Vigneaux

The Berger Family Crest
Annette Derouen, Eugenie "Gam" Berger, Della Derouen