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Useful Links

The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list,or know of any sites that would be helpful to our visitors, please send me e-mail.

I beleive that these sites will assist you in your genealogical search and give you up-to-date information on the goings on in Acadian, Cajun, Canadian, and Louisiana history and culture.

CAFA the "Confederation of Associations of Families Acadian" is dedicated to the preservation of Acadiana's Cultures, Languages, Traditions, Family Values and Heritages.
Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History
This is a 500+ page site containing the most comprehensive online treatment of the Genealogy, History, and Culture of the Acadian and Cajun Culture.
Acadian and French Canadian Ancestral Home
Daily updated site by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino with over 500 pages of Canadian Ancestry research and now includes a "Newsletter" published monthly. Includes a listing of families organized for Congres' Mondial Nova Scotia-2004.
Acadian Genealogy by: Yvon Cyr
A vast web site and hot links to Acadian, Canadian, Cajun Genealogy including links to just about anything you would like to read and learn about the Acadian Culture. This site includes order forms for all types of genealogy based items-CD's, Books, Music and much more. Rated one of the top genealogy sites on the web.
CODOFIL: Council for the Development of French in Louisiana
The Council for the Development of French in Louisiana was created in 1968 by the Louisiana state legislature. According to Legislative Act No. 409, the Governor of Louisiana is authorized to appoint the president and fifty members of the Council. CODOFIL is empowered to ‘do any and all things necessary to accomplish the development, utilization, and preservation of the French language as found in Louisiana for the cultural, economic and touristic benefit of the state.'
Acadian Genealogy Links by: Tim Hebert
This includes 16 pages of Acadian & Cajun Genealogy Links, including some French-Canadian Links. Expect to spend a whole day surfing the different sites. Includes Genealogy Societies, Institutions, Tourism Info.
FAFA: Fédération des Associations de Familles Aacadiennes, Inc.
This is the organization that CAFA was patterened after. Includes links to Websites for some Canadian Cousins. (En Francais/In French)

The Abshire Family
Yes, that's right. This is another site by your webmaster, Carey J. LeBlanc. Explore the history of the Abshire family.
The LeBlanc Family
The Official meeting place of all LeBlanc families worldwide.
The Falgout Family
The Falgout family originates from West France and East Germany (the same area as the Berger Family). If you think your related, take a look, we might be cousins. If not, look anyway, you may learn something interesting.
Acadian Heritage and Cultural Foundation: Acadian Museum
The Acadian Heritage & Cultural Museum strives to preserve a culture and heritage that has endured for almost 400 years. The Cajun culture, like the native American Indian and Creole cultures, was developed wholly in North America.

The Museum is operated by a non-profit foundation and is composed of individuals from throughout the world who are interested in the preservation of Acadian history and culture. The Museum was created as a repository for records, artifacts and memorabilia of the Acadians.

Happy Surfing!